QR codes and near field communications are changing and revolutionizing business advertisement. How it works is the consumer scans the promotional printed code with their smart mobile device and the QR code scanner interacts with the near field communication data base and returns to the consumer an appropriate form for example to research the product that was scanned with their smart phone. Additionally, since the QR coding and Near Field Communication job is to convert the businesses mobile app via website URL address and deliver the shorter version of the marketers mobile website as an app for the consumer to research information anytime they need information about the products they like and purchase, this means consumers do not have to be bothered with remembering or actually having to type long website address as this information is stored on the mobile device as an app and delivered via the tiny radio microchip inside the consumers smart mobile device. This means convenience for the consumer decreasing the amount of time needed to gather right information, thanks to QR codes and NFC technologies scanning with a smart mobile device makes researching a product timeless and convenient.

Convenience, reliable just in time information is the purpose of QR typtag coding and NFC technologies. By 2013 it is anticipated that mobile device use will surpass PC’s and more than 75% of consumers will use their smart mobile device with scanning capabilities to aid their shopping experiences largely because the consumer will no longer have to wait until they get near a computer to retrieve the data they need for making important decisions or receive valuable discounts.

Marketing and e-commerce for business and online advertisement will see even bigger incentives for their mobile marketing strategies since the consumer will be able to find out more information when they need to, which will support B2C product sales and customer service issues all by scanning the printed business typtag QR code. This being said QR typtag code technology has taken scanning codes to all new levels, instead of using QR codes for just one purpose such as product bar codes while checking out at the register to support supply and demand chain needs. They are also using these printed codes as a means of real time information for the consumer and, as a means to boost powerful advertising with QR code and NFC technology to support IT infrastructures as the way to collect consumer data, product data and information used to enhance marketing and business models while satisfying customer utility.