QR codes & Near Filed Communication help drive your business Mobile Marketing Techniques through innovative Mobile Marketing Technology. Additionally, QR coding and near field communication is the next big technology based on telecommunication networks and QR scanning software apps for consumer electronic devices such as mobile smart phones. QR code printed typtags enables data and media deliverance to the mobile marketing industry.

NFC technology works by using small passive radio microchip that is placed inside mobile devices such as mobile smart phones. While in the general NFC proximity QR coding printed typtags can deliver near field’s communications data as text messages, web links or even as the businesses own branded platform app.

Mobile marketing technology came about as a result of the global payment card industry and China’s QR code information systems to support the way B2C communications track products. Thus enabling manufacturers to more easily replenish needed product by tracking point of sell transactions through RFID electronic devices. Third generation 3G mobile telecommunications also discovered that QR typtags and near field telecommunications could also track consumer preferences by tracking the products purchased and allowing for consumers to use their Visa and Master cards through NFC enabled consortiums used to deliver and deploy automatic real time subject matter information pertaining to supply and demand at point of purchase.

The NFC and QR technologies are expected to revolutionize the experiences consumers encounter through using their mobile devices and smart phones as a means to do business or even purchase items using typtag printed coding and near field telecommunication networks to gather consumer feedback on those items purchased. QR typtags make consumer shopping easier as information is available on the fly or in a hurry. QR coding has the technology to allow businesses track what is being purchased while allowing the consumer to scan promotional printed codes while shopping or even dining, delivering real time information right on time to the consumer as well as the manufacturer and relevant IT infrastructures. Helping them to analyze and research the product of interest before making a purchase decision benefits the consumer and helps to build personalized customer relationships.